Why choose us?

You will love the Bright Waves experience!

Inspire, Encourage, Succeed

The Bright Waves swimming program focuses on a learning environment where colour, fun and support are the foundations of water safety and education. Our teachers and sticker reward program will Inspire and Encourage swimmers to Succeed through every level of the bright waves program.

Great Facilities

Our purpose built private indoor heated pool offers a great environment for learning.

Low Class Numbers

With low class numbers at any one time Bright Waves provides a truly boutique experience

A Swimming Program Backed By 20+ Years Experience

Our swim program has been created with 20+ years of experience in the Learn To Swim and Aquatic industry. Our program has been written and developed by a professional educator who holds a Bachelor of Education. The Bright Waves program has been brought together with professional education knowledge, extensive industry experience and importantly the wisdom of being a father to three children providing a balanced perspective from both inside and outside of the pool. Accredited sports coach with a background coaching junior, senior and elite level teams.
When bringing all of these elements together we feel that this has the ingredients to Inspire and Encourage swimmers to Succeed.

Unique Sticker Certificate Program

Our fantastic certificate program identifies each specific skill being learnt in each level and rewards swimmers with a sticker for each skill along the way to completing their level. Not only is this a great way to reward the swimmer but it is a great way to keep track of the skills accomplished and those still to achieve. Our program quite simply keeps kids more engaged, celebrating the major and minor achievements of their swimming pathway.